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Late 60’s/70’s Abstract heart/floral black and white print. Acetate fabric.

2.75” wide scarf at the top of the head. Can be folded under for width adjustment.

* HandMade in LA.
* Upcycled, repurposed and one-of-a-kind!
* Comfortable and will not slide off due to its unique construction.
* Several ways to wear ( see product photos for examples)

The vintage scarf is securely attached around a comfortable, hidden plastic headband with tiny teeth to help grip the scarf onto your hair.
It’s the look of just wearing a scarf in your hair but unlike a scarf these will stay put.

Great for hair up/down, short/long and for girls/women/boys/men of all ages!
Great for those that are experiencing hair loss!
Great for covering up your roots!
Great for zoom meetings!
Great for in-between haircuts!
Great for vacations, beaches, convertibles, windy boat rides!

All of the scarves I use to make my headbands are pre-owned and as such on a rare occasion you will see what I like to call "vintage history", perhaps a discreet, TINY blemish. To me, this only adds to the character and history of the headband. 
The scarf strands will have raw edges. In time, there will be a slight fray. This is a design feature and is part of the aesthetic and will not affect the function of the headband.

note: the colors in the image displayed are as close to the actual product as possible. There may be only a slight variation.

If you have any questions or need additional pictures, please feel free to contact me.

"I am looking for more recyclicious headbands!! I am a huge fan. I bought quite a few from you"-Christina
"I bought one of your headbands and wear it all the time. The boys especially seem to be fond of it ;)" -B.H.
"Although I had planned on saving the headband I bought for my daughter until the holidays, I gave it to her today. She has been wearing it all day. The fabric was perfect for her. She loves it." -Ina
"Genius!!"-Jeannie K.
"Recyclicious headbands are the only headbands that don't hurt my head"- 
Julie L.
"Clever!!"-Liev M.

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